Thursday, August 6, 2009


I've been known to labor over not always included...the words have to come out fast and furious here, but anyone who knows me will vouch for me. I saw this image last night and I started thinking about names. Our names are the words that define us the most, but we don't pick them. I have been told many times by all kinds of people that my name sounds like a stage last name is shannon for those who didn't know....and technically my first name is jodi....jae comes from the first initial being spelled out. Do you think much about your name? If your name were as bad as this one...would you change it?

image credit from this inspiring photographer via the bedlam of beefy


Debra said...

I LOVE your name. It's unique and gorgeous-like you. My name... in grade school the boys always called me D-BRA!!! Boys will be boys. Now people call me Deb-or-ah! It's just Debra-and I do like it. It was the first of many special gifts from my beloved parents.

The Lil Bee said...

My name went from unpronounceable to fairly common when I got married, so I do think about names, for sure. And now that I'm trying to come up with one for our little girl, it's a big topic around here. I like how you abbreviate your name:)

Joyce said...

Names are uniques just like all of us. I like your name too. Growing up I didn't care for my name. I would ask my mom why couldn't she just stop at Joy, but as I gotten older I have learned to appreciate the name and have even picked up a nickname or two.

I like the photo!

Have a golden weekend! xoxo

Shelbylynn said...

Have you ever googled yourself and found someone with the same name, and what they do for a living. Tons of fun.

personalityispreferred said...

Names, what is that old phrase? What's in a name? Didn't see an initial -- it could be B. Cruelty...

ticklishfromadistance said...

My name was something I hated as a little girl, but I think I grew into it. I like it as I have only ever met one other person with it. Makes it fun.

Chloe said...

my grandmother wanted to name me Chloe... my mother Connie... mom's win. But my Grandmother always called me Chloe and it stuck.... her name was Chloe.
Chloe is my middle name ... some people call me CC (see see) lots of people call me Cleo because thats what they think my name is... I've always been like... whatever... Jae and Jodi are fun like you!

simply seleta said...

Personally, I love your stage name. Very creative how you just spelled out your first initial!

The only thought I have about names is a little regret in naming my offsping. Wish I would have thrown my maiden name in there with at least one of them. :-(

jae said...

i've grown to like my name more than i did when i first got married....don't worry my husband knows. it's just that he gave me two first names. can you imagine how many offices file me incorrectly and call me by my last name? never happens to my husband though. funny how it's a strong irish name for a guy, but not for a girl.

debra - it is so true...if there is any sort of nickname possibility, a boy will figure it out.

bee - it is exciting and overwhelming to name a child. so many meanings and memories behind names. it was very hard for us to name our son and we discussed it and went back and forth for months. it was easier with our daughter since she has a family name.

joyce - there is joy in your name and it fits you well!

shelbylynn - i recently did that. did you see that recent story where two people met and fell in love by doing that on facebook? i had another person contact me via facebook because they were putting together all of us with the same name.

personality - it should definitely be b. cruelty!

g, - agree. i like how your name is very unique.

chloe - seems like grandma kind of won afterall.....:)

seleta - your name is quite unique, too. we gave our son my grandmother's maiden name for his middle name. our daughter's middle name is jo which makes her the fourth generation of women to have jo somewhere in their name. if she wants to break that she can, but i wasn't going to be the one to do it. maybe, a grandchild will include your maiden name!

pve design said...

love your name....I love my name too. I was born on St.Patrick's day - and my parents thought of "Patricia" right away. Over the years, I have been called, "Trish"
"Tree" - "Pat" and "Patricia" - I love names.
A lady I knew was named "Happy" and I always wanted that name.