Monday, August 10, 2009

daydreaming rocker

I think I might have ended up in more trouble with these pencils, but a bunch tied together would make a back to school gift for someone....well.....less than excited about the return to the classroom.

available here

Do you think they just had the hand model pretend to be left handed so that the pencils could be on the right side of the frame? I get accused of being too aware of the details at times....did you notice the left you drive yourself crazy in the details too? please say would be nice to know i'm not the only one tormenting myself on a Monday morning.


pve design said...

I look for details. I love details...I love jazzy linings and french filled seams....yes, I do, I look for details.

Debra said...

I noticed the left-handed person right away. We have a few 'leftys' in the family and now I notice it a lot. I do love those little, subtle details. The ones that seem to make things just a little more special.

Joyce said...

I love details and the time someone took to put things together. I have been known to drive some crazy with the details. The lefty caught my eye right away. This would make a great 1st day gift, but I'm not sure how the teacher(s) would feel about it. Smile... I heard last night from friends that some of the kids are already going back to school on Monday!! This isn't fair- it went too fast. xoxo

ticklishfromadistance said...

Hahahahah! YES! As you can imagine. I would have noticed this, too!

jae said...

pve - i knew i could count on you to be a detail lover.

debra - the subtle ones are always the ones that scream...did you notice me?! my husband is a lefty, too...but it isn't noticeable in most things he does. however, he does set the ironing board up backwards to me.

joyce - agree. the teachers might not love it....maybe, for a college student. we have some friends who started back yesterday and we start one week from today....summer did disappear.

g. - good. nice to know i have all this good company in my torment.

Prudence said...

Love these... These would keep my boys away from the computer too!! Maybe more drummers are left-handers??? Who knows, they're cool though. Pxxx

Anonymous said...

Yes I did. Actually, it looks like they were made for left handed people. I just noticed that on all my pencils, if I hold them in my right hand, the text is right side up, but if I hold them in my left, my writing hand, then the text is upside down.

That isn't the case with these pencils.

The person is left handed,or posing with the product in the left hand, so the text is readable.