Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2010 is coming around the corner.

I'm curious.....how do you manage your calendar? Are you an agenda or day planner type of person where you still write things down or are you someone who enters everything into their phone and syncs to the computer? Where do you put your kids schedules? I prefer to write things down and to be able to carry it around, but I am forever struggling with just the right planner. It is getting to be that time of year again....you know, the time of year when you have to buy next year's calendar or you won't find one when it is actually next year. So, I really want to hear it.......what do you like to use to manage your calendar? I figure since we established yesterday that we all are very aware of the details, maybe just maybe, you could solve my yearly agenda dilemma.


tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

ooo, that is a toughy isn't it? and always the best intentions seem to go awry! :(

i use the momagenda. thought about switching this year, then thought better of it ... glad i did. love my momagenda. starts in august so you can start with the school year. a place for up to four kids and a spot for mom ... even dinner {if you're that organized!}.

i also use her weekly planner and hang it on the fridge so dad can have a cheat sheet of what goes on for the week.

and then of course, i back that all up with an electronic calendar that i have access to on my iphone.

aren'tcha sorry you asked? :)

ooo, and love the printable calendar ... thx for the link!

jobsjobsjobs said...

Oh how time flies by. I missed the good old days.

Debra said...

I use a vintage Coach daytimer that I've had for years. I have it with me at all times. Can't do without it. It holds my life. I like the feel and scent of the leather and the fact that I have used it for so long. I need to see things in black and white. Great post here-but thenn they always are.

please sir said...

I am a month planner...I need to see the whole month to get things done! Right now I'm just using Google calender.