Friday, July 10, 2009

quiet anguish

Tomorrow morning very early my kids leave on a road trip. They are going to be traveling across the country seeing all sorts of people and places. They are extremely excited so I am doing everything to keep my feelings to myself. I have never really been away from them and I'm getting quite a bit anxious about how quiet it will be without them around. The husband and I will be flying to their destination in a week to meet up with them and go to my nephew's wedding, but in the is going to be a different I am sure I will not like. I am going to hurry off today to get all their packing done as early as possible so I can spend some time with them. I hope your weekend is less full of emptiness.

p.s. thank you joyce! i'm so glad you loved the idea and that the girls have loved receiving them. i'm honored to have graced your pages.


ticklishfromadistance said... is so hard the first time they are away, truly every time they are away. The first few days will seem slow, but then before you know it you will be halfway there. It is good for you and the hubs, and good for the kids to venture out in safe hands. Breathe. It will be over before you know it.

heidi said...

Oh such sadness! I'm not there yet... but I'm sure it will be the time of their lives! Remember... they're here to take over for us :-)

jae said...

you are both right and i keep telling myself's not all that long really, but i just can't get rid of the butterflies.

Debra said...

This will make the reunion that much sweeter. Try to enjoy the quiet and peacefulness. Have a great weekend-I'll be thinking of you.

pve design said...

Aw, enjoy all that misery home alone, if I were nearby, I would come by, grab you by the face and say hey MOM and say MOM, MOM, really loud! No, I would bring a bubble bath elixer and a bottle of bubbly for you and your dear to relax and enjoy one another and bask in the beauty of walking around nude and leaving dirty dishes in the sink.
Now tell the truth and please tell us how enjoyable it is and how fast it will see them before you know it!

Joyce said...

How are you doing? I bet the weekend seemed like a long one. I don't know the feeling but only can imagine all the butterflies in your tummy I would be the same.

A few more days and you will all be together again.

Hugs... xoxo

PS you are so sweet for your "PS"!!

chloe said...

I can remember very well the tug at my "heart" when my chldren began their independence. Summer camps, first day at school, anywhere that I couldn't control what happened to their sweet innocent lives. Try to do something really special for yourself. I love the glass heart ! Hope you are having a great weekend!