Monday, May 18, 2009

flexing* for flowers

End of the year recitals and performances are here. At the last minute, Lily went to her friend's ballet recital Saturday night. She wanted to take her a congratulatory gift and since we knew her family was presenting her with the traditional gift of flowers, we had to act quickly. We went here and wrapped them to look like flowers. On the for your ballet toes.

*flex - a movement for the feet when they point(down) and flex(up)it is mostly used in warm ups.


Debra said...

What a wonderful idea! Sur les pointe. I think I will use this for a friend's birthday! A pair of snappy flip-flops all doll-up!

g. said...

So cute. Great idea.

pve design said...

very cute!
I wished I had those yesterday.... but I think I will give them to her after class tonight!

chloe said...

How cute is this? I am sooooo borrowing this idea! Precious! I have a birthday party to go to this weekend for a 5 year old.... this will go perfectly with the two little frocks I have for her.

Thanks too for visiting my blog and making comments. I am new at this and get so excited when I see that you left a comment!

Your DNA is apparent in everything you do! :)

Joyce said...

What a grrrreat idea! I love it!! Thanks Jae xoxo