Monday, June 22, 2009

survival cases

My kids are going on a major road trip in a couple of weeks. I'm thinking that a travel case filled with all sorts of snacks and activities would be a fun surprise. I'm even going to sneak in some little love notes. One of these travel suitcases from etsy would be the perfect jumping off point for a road trip survival gift.

found here

found here

I love a good road trip....are you a flier or a driver? What would you include in your survival case?


ticklishfromadistance said...

This takes me back. I used to do this for all of this kids when we would travel. It helps so much. I would includes books, crayons, maps,food, disposable cameras, postcards to send to friends, cards, little games, coins... it really would depend on where we were going.

sinnlighet said...

oh my goodness, I take the red one.... Me like like like your blogg!!

Agneta from Sweden

Joyce said...

I love the shape of the last one. Your kids are so... lucky!

I would fill mine up with magazines a good book, fruit and some dark chocolate. I like both flying and road trips. Road trips are fun because I can take more with me and bring more home!! xoxo

heidi said...

I have an old green travel case from my Mom... inside it has old poems written on napkins & tracing paper. It smells like faraway places, cedar, and like every place I've ever lived. Ebay will never have it! xoh

pve design said...

I have the most wonderful bag, which folds flat and it is perfect for the car. I load it with towels, and a blanket, a picnic, some beverages and some classic games, a frisbee, a whiffle ball and bat and a sand bucket and shovels. Somehow one is never too old to
enjoy a summer road trip, no matter how hot, we always find shade. (Hats and sunscreen at the ready, you are welcome to join us!)