Thursday, June 18, 2009

magical mushrooms

Tonight Lily's friend is spending the last hurrah for awhile. The two of them....and one other friend.....have spent this whole school year talking about capturing fairies. They have spent time in each other's yards gathering tree bark, berries, and leaves to attract fairies to their make shift homes. So, tonight they made real fairy houses. We started with some sculpey clay and made mushrooms. I had them place long pins in the stems so they would stand up later. They painted them and placed them in pieces of moss in jars. If one of them is lucky enough to have the rare opportunity to possess a fairy, I think they'll be very happy in their sweet home.

By the time they finished the sun was setting and it was hard to get enough light without getting too much.

These would make a magical party favor for a girl's fairy birthday party. Tie a ribbon around the top, make custom round stickers for the lids, and include a little bag of glitter for fairy dust.
Hope your weekend is filled with magic.


Joyce said...

Jae what a neat idea! This would be enchanting for an fairy outdoor bday party- wings and all.

You too have a magical and golden weekend! xoxo

Alexis said...

I love it and so will the fairies!

ticklishfromadistance said...

These are so sweet. I hate that they will be apart. Little girl friendships are so good.

jae said...

joyce - outdoors would be perfectly enchanting.

alexis - i think the fairies will be very happy.

g. - me too.

Chloe said...

Those are so sweet! Your home must be filled with enchantment!