Thursday, August 13, 2009

clean and naked

I'm not sure if I ever told you, but the husband has his own cleaning business, thenakedjanitor. No...he isn't really naked.... He cleans both residential and commercial without using any harmful chemicals.....which is where the naked comes in. I can just picture him carrying this bag filled with his supplies......much like an on call bag. I'd like to have thenakedjanitor printed across the side for extra impact. It has that clean look that would complete his image so nicely.

available here

For those of you without nakedjanitor's for husband's, I can also see this filled with firewood or magazines. To keep in the green theme, it would be a very stylish market bag, too. Tell me, how would you use it?


Debra said...

Lucky YOU- does he clean your house? Oh to have a very handy man around the house... My Mother had a bag like this for light travel-hmmm...I wonder where that is???

pve design said...

I guess this must keep your marriage exciting.
Nothing like a little clean fun!