Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Favors...just like mom would make

If you are having a Mother's Day dinner or party this weekend, milk and cookies would make a great little nostalgic favor. Just like Mom, what is more comforting than milk and cookies? For an extra special touch, be sure to use her recipe. I did a search and found just what I was thinking of here. Thank you Simply Sweet Bake Shop. Just add a tag or label that says, "Just like Mom's."

Happy Mother's Day!


g. said...

Such a cute idea! You are a crafty devil, aren't you?!!!

Debra said...

The little jugs of milk remind me of grade school and forgetting my milk money! We had little jugs with heavy paper discs as lids.
I would love cookies and milk for Mother's Day.

Joyce said...

I have looked for years for these milk jugs. Where did you find them? I have given the cc for favors, but love the milk with it.
Jae have a golden Mother's Day! xoxo