Thursday, April 23, 2009

Take your sons and daughters to work

Since it is take your sons and daughters to work day, mine are with me. I started this blog to increase awareness of our business. So today, I have two guests who are eager to contribute. (Well, maybe eager is a stretch.) I asked them each the question, "What do you like to do to make a gift special?"

(Lily, age 7)
"I like to include something on the top of the package. Because not many people do that and I like it to be unique. It also makes them excited to open it. It's just can use it if you want."

Drew (age 12)
"I like to make hints on the tags to make it fun and more interesting to open the gift. It is also fun to think up the clues. It is good when they have irony in them."

Now we ask you..."What do you like to do to make a gift special?"


oil paintings said...

shape shaping not only the completion of the task, but also on the texture of the screen have a direct effect.

Julia said...

This is marvelous! Very nice to meet the rest of the business!

I like to write special notes and incorporate them into my packages!

pve design said...

Following the leader(s)....I see! In order to make a gift special, I like to remember what the person really wants, jotting down something that they spotted or said they wished for and or making something home-made, and always wrapping it artfully with a pve design illustrated card and special sentiments.

The Lil Bee said...

Oh, I guess this was nationwide or something...they did it at my office, too. Lots of little "helpers" running around! I like to wrap gifts in parchment paper and draw something on top. Probably not that creative but it's easy:)