Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a picture is worth a thousand words

I've been meaning to post about my Grandmother's paintings for awhile. Josephine Hollingsworth Poulson was an artist who used many mediums, but when I think of her work, I think of her watercolors. She was also my namesake. I am fortunate to have many originals of her work. She died very young (before I was born) and one of her last wishes was for the originals to no longer be sold. She had been selling her art at shows and was just starting to create a name for herself when she got sick. She decided she wanted them given away or kept in the family. For years, my mom and I quietly searched for a place to print her paintings and do them the justice they deserve. We have found such a place and I have to honestly say, it is sometimes difficult to tell the original from the copy. I hope these images do them the same justice. (Since she framed them long before reflective glass, I had to take the photos from the side) I just found out that Andrew Wyeth was one of her teachers. With his passing and her paintings on my mind lately, I decided it was a good time to show them. We have one of her prints available on our site and are working on more. The nursery rhyme we have also made into a print and it makes an incredible baby gift. I will be getting a photo of that one loaded onto our site soon.

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