Tuesday, January 27, 2009

keeping heirlooms chic for generations

Ice Milk Aprons contacted me awhile ago to let me know about there site. At the time, I was very impressed. I thought their aprons had a fresh nostalgic feel and I made a note to take a better look. Fast forward to yesterday......still extremely impressed with the aprons, but then I look at little closer and notice.......they package them in jam jars.....brilliant. This works for brides, moms, daughters, and even the foodie. I also happen to think it would make a beautiful hostess gift. They are made as waist or full aprons or check out their signature gift package. It includes an apron (custom monogrammed, if you like), unique heirloom kit, and 25 blank recipe cards. I would gift this to a friend who has just remodeled their kitchen. & for the tag.......if your kitchen is going to look so stylish, why shouldn't the person standing in it?


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness---these aprons make me want to quit my (non-existent) day job and become a pastry chef! I LOVE the simple, spare linen ones that only go from waist to knee---it's like they're imported straight from a french boulangerie. Just gorgeous. My mum would LOVE these, and it's never too soon to stock up for mother's day!

please sir said...

Adorable - what a wonderful product! Love it.

ELK said...

i enjoy your space here ~ aprons are really a gem!