Monday, January 26, 2009

Gift of Gab....heartfelt cupcakes

With Valentine's Day, comes school parties. With school parties, comes class treats. When it comes to class treats, I'm always up for something simple that has great presentation. The flower cupcakes toppers we made for this birthday party, but I thought it would be easy to do something similar for Valentine's. I cut two hearts out of felt and glued a toothpick in between them. The cupcakes are store bought (Whole Foods makes the best 2 bite ones and they are the perfect size when you know there is going to be loads of other sweets). Then I simply dressed them up with confetti sprinkles and added the topper. For Valentine's, use only red confetti and sprinkles.


please sir said...

Hehe...what a cute quote. Oh yum to cupcakes.

Relyn said...

Completely adorable post. Lovin' that hilarious quote and that terrific idea. Really great.

seesaw designs said...

that quote is the best!