Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Favor

Since I posted about Absinthe yesterday, I thought a party favor gift for a hangover would be fitting. I don't know if a Bloody Mary actually cures a hangover or not, but I would certainly enjoy it while trying. Put all the ingredients into one of these gable boxes made from recycled materials found here.
Make yourself a label for the front or make it really simple for I did and go here for a great selection of labels to customize.

Fill the box with :

vodka (the small airplane bottles would be perfect)

one lemon

small bottle of Worcestershire sauce

tiny bottle of Tabasco

small can of Tomato juice

piece of celery

You could even wrap up a couple of mini muffins if you like.

Now aren't you a thoughtful host....

Bloody Mary photo credit: Martha Stewart

P.S. I loaded a few new creatures on the etsy site yesterday.....two mice and a small bear. You can see their cute little faces if you look up to your right a little.


please sir said...

I know I would LOVE the for the day after a party!

Julia said...

Okay, you are the coolest :)

Jackie said...

thanks for visiting jae. perhaps I'll feature a few of your creatures some time...though first I'd like to have a few more creatures reading my blog.

Uncle Beefy said...

You never cease to amaze me with your thoughtful gift-giving ideas! I can think of SO many moments I could have been handing these droves! (Maybe too much info?) ;)

The Lil Bee said...

That is a perfect housewarming gift. I love it! Ever had a pickle in your Bloody Mary? I know it sounds a bit strange but it is unbelievable. My fave.

jae said...

I absolutely LOVE a dill pickle or pickled green beans in a Bloody Mary. I was going to say to include a jar of those, but I was afraid no one would know what I was talking about. Ever tried Gundelsheim Barrel Pickles from Germany? They are the best......almost IMPOSSIBLE to open the jar....but the best. My aunt makes the most amazing pickled green beans fresh from her garden. They are also the perfect Bloody Mary garnish. Okay, everyone...skip the celery and include a jar of dill pickles or pickled green beans. Your guests will only think you are crazy until they try it!

The Lil Bee said...

I haven't tried those, but they sound delish!!