Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What ever happened to giant tinker toys?

Late last night I was catching up on some blog reading. When I was on desire to inspire, I was reading the post 80's - good vs. bad and there it was......giant tinker toys. What ever happened to giant tinker toys? This was without a doubt one of my favorite childhood toys. It was the one toy I could play with for hours with my brothers building fort after fort. Why don't you ever hear about these anymore? Did something happen that they quit making them? I found a few sets over at ebay. Giant tinker toys was a box of imagination. We were architects and engineers and designers. If you can find one of that would be a great gift. I'm sure a few parents might even join in on the fun...*smile.


please sir said...

HOW FUN - yeah what happened to them? Would love to see a modern version!

clayton_delker said...

@pleasesir I came across a website that has a "life size" version of tinker toys. They reminded me of the giant tinker toys sets I had as a kid but only better! check out

Anonymous said...

@clayton_delker Fingo Fun did have a great variety of indoor playgrounds. Their products seem to be sturdy and adaptable for both indoor and outdoor use. here's the link to their site