Monday, July 14, 2008

The Gift of Gab

It's Monday again and that means it is time for the Gift of Gab. For anyone who is visiting for the first time, the gift of gab means that we take a quote and show how it can be the inspiration for a gift. Here is today's quote:The item to go with the quote is a melamine tiffin box. It has stackable sections to keep food separate and convenient. Now, here comes the kicker, the wow factor, the "piece de resistance"....fill each compartment with different desserts. Gifts don't always have to be given on an occasion. Put this together, write the quote on the tag, and give it to someone going through a stressful time. The gesture will be remembered for..........well, just imagine if someone did that for you.

FYI: This week's Gift of Gab was inspired by the fact that the melamine tiffin box that we carry was featured in the new issue of Domino magazine.


Krissy said...

Amazing quote! Never heard it before, and I instantly love it.

The Lil Bee said...

How exciting is that? Congrats! I heart your gift ideas :)