Monday, June 9, 2008

The gift of gab

Today I am starting a new weekly series called "the gift of gab". I am often inspired by words, quotes, and phrases. So every Monday, I am going to take a quote and show you how to turn it into a meaningful gift. Today's quote is:

"Our heads are round so that thoughts can change direction."
Francis Picabis, Painter and Poet (1879-1953)

Write the quote on the gift tag and give it to someone going through a change in their life. Maybe it is a new job or a big move or even a divorce. Okay, now for the gift. Drum roll please....a lazy susan. These are not your Grandmother's lazy susans. These are a modern spin on an old fashioned favorite. I have one of these at my kitchen table and we all love it. The conversation keeps moving and my kids can turn it and reach what they need without feeling like they are interrupting. A decorative and extremely useful gift that changes direction.

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