Monday, August 17, 2009

back to school...better with bacon.

Since we celebrate the last day of school, I'm thinking the return to school might receive a better reception if we celebrated it too......i know, a bit of a stretch, but still eases the sting. So, I think we'll surprise the kids in the morning with their favorite breakfast. The husband makes the best whole wheat pancakes. We'll include some natural applewood smoked bacon and they'll come running down the stairs at first smell.

image found here

What would make you run down the stairs on a morning that you'd rather be pulling the covers over your head?


Debra said...

Really good coffee and those pancakes would have me tripping down the stairs. Lucky kiddos-you are a great Mom.

ticklishfromadistance said...


chloe said...

That breakfast would definitely be enticing... but you know I would run down if someone just made coffee! lol

pve design said...

lol snow!

A fresh new 3 ring binder and a new micron pen and perhaps sitting next to a boy that I think secretly just might like me......all a dream of course!

Those pancakes look great!

Joyce said...

Throw on my favorite jeans and sweatshirt to make a quick stop through the drive-thru for a latte and muffin. xoxo