Thursday, July 30, 2009

today's the day.

They are finally coming home today! I can hardly focus. I have instructions to stand at least 20 feet from the car so that my youngest can run and jump into my if I'm doing her the favor. My extremely talented photographer sister-in-law took this while we were all in Minneapolis for the wedding. It pretty much sums it all up today.


Debra said...

I know you will jump for joy seeing your sweet kiddos. Have fun and play hard!

The Lil Bee said...

So cute!!

pve design said...

Was that you that just got steamrolled by those two jumping for joy string beans? I know you will have a wonderful reunion.
Are you going to wear a wig or false teeth....just for fun?

Joyce said...

Oh Jae I'm truly happy for you too! I can imagine the excitment you are feeling. Brace yourself so you don't fall over with the running big hugs.
I already know you will be having a golden weekend!!xoxo

gina said...

Cute!! What a great shot.

I just stumbled over from Debra's.

Courtney said...

I adore this photo!!! And even better that you get to see this exact shot reenacted when they fly into your arms. What a happy day!