Monday, July 6, 2009

speaking of witty humor and design...

Something really pulls me to this photo.

It could be that its all white or the fact that it takes me back to my lifeguard days. Either way, it really appeals to me and I would love to have it framed large and hung in a bathroom. For that matter, I would even love to hang the life preserver in a bathroom. A bit witty and unexpected goes far with me.

I've had this image bookmarked for awhile. (and if anyone knows where I found it, please let me know so I can credit)
It's the blue sky and the fact that we have no idea how high up she is that intrigues me. I like to put something unexpected into design. I think someone in our house needs a life preserver. Too bad I didn't think of it for the anniversary....I could have easily come up with some really corny lines to go with it for the husband.....yes, you're thinking the same ones I am....I did say corny. I can make whatever sacrificies I need to in order to get that hanging right above the tub. Do you like design that has unexpected signs of humor in it?
life preserver image credit belongs here


bluehydrangea said...

The unexpected is my favorite part of design. That is what makes a house a home! that giant picture in the bathroom is just the perfect touch!

Joyce said...

I too like the unexpected hidden surprises in decorating. I think it would be fun to find a vintage life preserver. Enjoy your blue skies my friend!

PS- I posted today the flip flop idea. Thanks again! I heard the girls are wearing them constantly.

pve design said...

Yes, I do - One time I saw a huge framed photo of the earth and it was titled, out of this world....I love things that give me a different vantage, with a sense of humor. I guess, I am sort of a kid at heart.

ticklishfromadistance said...

Yes. I do. I like anything that has unexpected signs of humor. I think it makes it more reachable, whether it be a thing or a person.

KINHA said...

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chloe said...

Hi Jae,I love that picture! I think its the unexpected that sets our style footprint!

We always get the unexpected when it comes to anything you design or feature.

Thank you!

Simply Mel said...

Love this post and finding pieces of art that make me laugh because of the subtle cleverness.

Great idea about giving the granola as welcome back to school gifts! ENjoy!