Tuesday, July 14, 2009

is summer oil and water for you?

I really like how the oils in this photo look so sculptural. Which made me think grouping them would make a nice housewarming gift. Just write on the tag something like....
wanting your new home to work like a well-oiled machine.

the credit for this beautiful image belongs here

It seems to me that everyone is burning the midnight oil these days. Are you...or are you finding time to do all the things you wanted this summer?


Joyce said...

Very nice photo of oil. I like it!! Yes I feel buring the candle at both ends at times, but all is good. Have a golden day! xoxo

ticklishfromadistance said...

I love this image as well. I feel like Joyce, lots to do, but it's all good. No complaints.

pve design said...

I love saying the word "oil" like my father says it "orl"
in his Kentucky accent. Nothing like a little "orl" - to smooth things out....like the tin man.
Gorgeous photo and Summer is going fast but I am enjoying every minute.

Debra said...

There never seems to be enough time to do all of the things I want to accomplish in a day. I love the idea of the oils as a gift. You are just full of terrific ideas.

d&l said...

Always burning the midnight oil. But love love love summer.

The Lil Bee said...

A little of both, really. Today I'm in work mode, but all last week I was lucky enough to have a lot of downtime, which was really nice. (Of course, the downside of that is less money, but so far it's evened out pretty well!)