Wednesday, June 3, 2009

out of the box

I'm singing Alice Cooper's "school's out for summer" in our house again this week....much to the dismay of my kids. Can't help just kind of runs through my head this time of year. Summer time also means lots of weddings. Have you seen this insanely creative wedding invitation? It's packaged in a tin can with string and instructions to tie the can to the back of the couple's car after the ceremony.

It really gets you thinking outside of the box about how to package invitations. Remember these?The card that holds the heart sparkler could have the invitation printed on it with a message to bring the sparkler to light during the eating of the cake. Yesterday's post about the napkins could be done another way by taking plain napkins and writing out or printing the invitation to lunch right on them. Are you thinking out of the box now? Okay, your turn....any ideas?

wedding invitation found here and heart sparklers available here


Joyce said...

I love the tin can and your idea with the sparkler. Hmmm... all I can think of now is a placecards. LOL...My friend is getting married in FLL over Thanksgiving and asked me to think about placecard.
Yahoo school is out!!

Enjoy! xoxo

jae said...

Joyce - The tin can idea is really original, isn't it? You certainly couldn't have guests bringing their placecards with them....half of them would forget. Maybe you could have your friend come up with something they are thankful for about each guest since it is Thanksgiving. It could be printed below their name in smaller type. Just an idea that came to mind.
Summer is here!

Joyce said...

Jae great idea! She wants to use sanddollars so I thought she could attach with a ribbon the guest name with a tiny, tiny crystal. I have a sample one, but I like how she could add something thankful about them underneath. After I get through this weekend I will pass along your wonderful suggestion.
Thanks again!
PS I'm thinking of borrowing your flipflop idea. xoxo

bluehydrangea said...

I love these ideas!! I am going to come up with something....give me a day or two..

Bri said...

Too cute! I love creative wedding invites.