Monday, June 15, 2009

Cash is King

Hello. This is Jae's son Drew doing a guest appearance. I jokingly said I would write the post today. Maybe I should be careful what I say. Anyway, if you ever want to give somebody money as a gift (and yes, we kids LOVE that) but you don't know how to present it-here's an idea. Fold it as a shirt and give him a head and legs like Mom did. We've had this guy on our fridge for awhile now, and Mom calls him "cash is king". Here's how to fold the shirt.


Julia said...

Hello there, Drew! Welcome to the blog! You did a great job on today's post :) The Cash King is fabulous! You have a very talented mum!

Alexis said...

Drew is a great addition to the blog! My son will love this trick. Great idea to get the kids involved, maybe then they will stop constantly asking me what I am doing on the computer!

Joyce said...

Welcome Drew! A great post. Cash is king is a great way to safe- he is too cute to spend! Happy saving!