Sunday, May 31, 2009

winners and birthdays

First things first, here are the winners. I put the numbers in the random number generator and worked down the line of gifts. If you are on the list, please email me your address to jae(at)seaandjae(dot)com. If you are not on the list, please know that I appreciate all of you so much and your comments are a gift to me each and every day. Thanks for reading and I look forward to another year together.
little bird - blue moss
mushroom - deena
bee's knees - pve
sculptural pencil - heidi
udon noodle bowl - slip4
wicker bag - g.
In other news, I know we have celebrated a lot of birthdays here, here, and here, but today is one more. Happy Birthday to the man I love. To the man I told no when he asked me out for the first time because I thought he was too much younger than me. (It turns out he is only 2 weeks younger and thankfully, I was out of excuses.) To the man who is going to wish he were the editor of this blog instead of me now that I've put his mug on it.
Happy Birthday to my husband!


ticklishfromadistance said...

ohmygosh,ohmygosh,ohmygosh!!!!! I am SO excited!!! I LOVE the bag. How lucky am I? Yippee!!! Thank you so very much, Jae!!!!

Debra said...

Congrats to all of the lucky winners! Happy Birthday to your handsome husband! It's a party month, isn't it?

La Marquise des anges said...

first of all congrats to the lucky winners and then ... JOEUX ANNIVERSAIRE to your husband :)

pve design said...

You are the bees knees! I am so excited to win soap as I need some new soap, it will be put to good use!
Happy b-day to your honey.

jae said...

g. - gotta love your excitement!

debra - it is a party month. i have tried to convince the others to move their birthdays to the other side of the year, but so far, no takers.

la marquise - my father has always said, it is not my birthday, it is the anniversary of my i'm going to be wishing him a joeux anniversaire next time!

pve - well, won't you be really excited to learn that it isn't soap, but only the best product on earth to keep your hands and feet moisturized. when your number came up, i was thinking it would be great for you since you must wash your hands a lot as a painter! you will put it to good use...i'm sure!

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday to your husband! I hope his day is full of lots of cake and celebrations!
Congrats to all of the winners too! This is a GOOD day! Enjoy. xoxo

deena said...

how lucky am i?? happy birthday b! hope it's a good one.

Relyn said...

Oh, happy birthday to your husband.

jae said...

Joyce - yes, it is a good day...lots of celebrating...except the birthday boy had to work so we'll be spreading the celebrating out a bit.

deena - your mushrooms will be getting on a plane soon!

Relyn - nice to see you again....thanks for the bday wishes.

blue moss said...

i'm so excited!!
and happy, happy day to your husband!