Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Gift Tags

It's time for another free download. I made them into gift tags, but they could also be put on the bottom of note cards, place cards, recipe cards, or anything else.* To use them as gift tags, cut them 3.75 inches long x 2 inches high, clip the corners, punch a hole, and thread your ribbon. Download the bunny image here and the flower image here.

*The fine print: You may print as many as you like, but sea and jae retains all rights. For personal use only. May not under any circumstances be used for commercial purposes or by a commercial enterprise.


Debra said...

Love these- will hop on over for a "peep".

please sir said...

Aww these are adorable!

Joyce said...

Jae, these tags are cute!! xoxo

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