Thursday, March 5, 2009

Other People's Party

Need a reason to have a party? Didn't think so, but this strikes me as funny, anyway. This site puts together their extra napkins from orders into color coordinated groups. Clever and genius. No waste and a sense of humor. Okay, here's my thought.....have an other people's party. Use the same colors in the napkin group you select and keep those colors coherent throughout.

Cocktails in only those colors, flowers and decor in only those colors, etc. It is almost like organized chaos. Since it is Friday and that means Friday favors, here is the kicker. Put together favors for each napkin theme.

If it is so and so's wedding, put some favors together that would be given out at a wedding. If it says cocktails, put some favors together that would be given out at a cocktail party. If it says some one's birthday, put a favor together that would be appropriate for a birthday party.

Be sure to put a tag on each that says thanks for coming to (fill in the blank's)wedding or (fill in the blank's) birthday. Have toasts throughout the party for each napkin's honoree. Thanks to For Your Party, celebrating for strangers, just might become a new reason to get together.

Peonies found here
orange flowers found here
succulents found here


pve design said...

I always love the details of a party, simply selecting one color flower and carrying it throughout takes on a special meaning. It feels more lovely and special. I like to give each guest a flower or a bulb to plant.

Joyce said...

Great idea and the a very colorful idea for a party. I love to entertain bringing friends together and hand out party favors as my friends leave. Enjoy!

jae said...

This whole thing reminds me of the unbirthday my sister-in-law did for my brother several years ago. He kept insisting that he didn't want a party, so she invited a bunch of people and threw them a party. All of their names were on the cake...not my brother's. All of them received little gifts...not my brother. Anyone, everyone had a great time...yes, including my brother.

The idea of toasting and celebrating for people on a napkin is just funny to me.

Patricia - I like your bulb idea.