Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Green Eggs and Ham....use number très

A nod to one of my all time favorite authors, Theodore Geisel....or as we know and love him Dr. Seuss. To celebrate Dr. Seuss week, I made green eggs and ham and what better to serve it on than the egg shell tray for use number three. Find use one here and two here.

Strong influence for the green eggs and ham recipe came from here.

blue egg shell tray available here.


Julia said...

I have to say, they don't look appetizing at all, but it's definitely worth the celebration!

jae said...

Hi Julia,
I tasted the green part of the egg. I made it by putting the egg white in a blender with the filling of some spanikopita I had....so, it tastes just like a spinach filling. I didn't taste the yolk...not big on runny yolk and I gave the bacon to the dog. He was pretty happy about that.

Try them and you may I say!

Joyce said...

I love how you celebrate! xoxo