Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's idea

I wanted to come up with a gift idea that was romantic, but not over the top. I wanted it to be available at all price points. I wanted it to be simple to put together. I wanted it to show thought and creativity. I also wanted it to have longevity. I was thinking about a custom crossword puzzle, but as fun as that would be, I knew it would go in the drawer or even be tossed eventually. Crosswords had me thinking of words.....words had me thinking of meanings.....meanings led me to dictionaries. Now, I know I posted about giving a dictionary before and I really like that idea for a wedding. However, I think a twist on this idea would fit all the above for Valentine's, too. Here's my thought, pick out a dictionary at the price you want to spend. It could be a pocket dictionary that they can carry in their briefcase, a really nice hard cover one that becomes a staple on the bookshelf, or even an old one for a book collector. Go through it and circle words with a red pen that mean something to you (choose one that doesn't soak through the pages.....or use a colored pencil). The obvious ones would be love, marriage, anniversary, valentine, and friend but also think of things that are special to just the two of you. That might be travel, books, comedy, movies......you get the idea. Wrap it up in some red paper with a big red bow and put on the tag....
"Discover all that you mean to me."


Joyce said...

Jae- I love this idea!! A very unique and useful gift.

I actually used the sparklers for a neighbor's 90th birthday. Her face lit up like a child when she saw the sparklers on her cake!

Thank you for visiting today and for adding me to your reader.
Have a golden day!

Relyn said...

I really love this idea. For you I would circle generous, creative, loving, gifts, fabulous... I could go on.