Thursday, February 26, 2009

glamour and pamper

The other day I showed a photo that included my glass and sterling cheese shaker. I like to use items for something other than their initial purpose. Pair the cheese shaker with a favorite body powder and you have just put together an elegant spa-like gift for a friend who deserves some glamour and pamper. Or maybe it is the gift that becomes the most sophisticated item on the baby changing table. You can always give it the way it was intended, too. I don't know any household that doesn't use magic* cheese. Either way, how can you go wrong with a gift that can go from the dinner table to the bathroom so efficiently?

*magic cheese - otherwise known as parmesan cheese. Too many years ago, as a toddler, my nephew started calling it magic cheese since it disappears on your food.


Joyce said...

I like this great idea!

I have old vintage silver teapot and other kitchen pieces in our powder room.


pve design said...

What a lovely idea. I have a lovely shaker that I should post that was given to me, to be used for baby talcum powder. It is an antique and I think you would love it.
It is shaped like a baby bottle.

Julia said...

What a charming way to serve parmesan cheese!

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