Thursday, February 5, 2009

Free Valentine's Day Card Download

I asked Carolyn, the "sea" in sea and jae, to come up with a Valentine's gift from us to you. This Valentine's Day Card is free to download. We suggest printing it on 110 lb. card stock. Fold at 4.25 inches. Use it as is without words, hand write a message, or typeset the words using something like photoshop or illustrator. Here are some ideas for how to use this download.
  • print it on 110 lb. card stock and use as a card
  • print it on 110 lb. card stock and cut it into a postcard
  • print it on 110 lb. card stock and make it into a hang tag for favors or little Valentine's gifts
  • print it on sticker paper and make a label for a jar filled with candy hearts
  • use any other way your heart desires.....after all it is yours now
If you want to add some words other than "Happy Valentine's Day", here are some other suggestions:
  • I gathered all my love for you
  • You have all my love
  • From a bird's eye view, you have my heart
The all important fine print: You may print as many as you like, but sea and jae retains all rights. For personal use only. May not under any circumstances be used for commercial purposes or by a commercial enterprise.

P.S. I like the free downloads and have decided to start making them a regular feature.


avagdro said...

Awesome collections.Thank you Jae for sharing.Have a great forth coming Valentine:)

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Relyn said...

What a wonderful,generous idea. Thank you.