Friday, January 30, 2009

Uff Da*

We are setting up for an event today and I have last minute things to do. So, I thought I would quickly share with you part of our mad dash to get out of the house this morning. My Lily has been studying her ancestors in school. Today they have set up a mock Ellis Island in the media center and she will be passing through just as her Norwegian ancestors did when they first came to America. She put the entire outfit together herself. (Reread sentence one) I think she did a great job and didn't really need my help.

*an exclamation of Norwegian origin. Wiki puts it like this..."Uff da" is often used as a term for sensory overload. It can be used as an expression of surprise, astonishment, exhaustion, relief and sometimes dismay.


Abby said...

What a great little outfit! We did something similar when I was in school.

nkp said...

She is adorable...what a creative costume!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! She is just adorable and clearly smart as a whip! What a great job she did putting that costume together!

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