Thursday, November 20, 2008

Skipping Stones

This photo inspired a wedding gift for a friend's daughter's piano and vocal teacher. (That was a long description) In a recent book her daughter read, happiness was measured by stones. The little girl would put all her stones in her container if she was completely happy. I remembered this amazing photo. So here's the gift. Collect a bucket full of stones and put words and phrases on them that are relevant like harmonious, beautiful music together, or in tune. Write a note about how happiness is measured in stones. When you are truly happy, your bucket is full. Tell them when they are newly "happily" married to go skipping stones. Relevant.....check. Creative and fun (since it is a gift from a child)......check. The right price.......check. Okay.....good to go.

photo via Once Wed via Gabriel Li


please sir said...

Lovely idea and!

Julia said...

What a beautiful idea! I love this photo, too!

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