Thursday, November 13, 2008

retaining water?

I really love that succulents have become such an item. A plant that always looks good and doesn't need much attention is a winner with me. I've seen all kinds of wreaths and planters, but I always prefer hand made. This little ceramic planter is handcrafted from Loafer's Glory Clay, glazed, and filled with succulents by two SCAD grads.
For the tag......"I'm glad retaining water is finally a good thing."

Find this and others at greenwaredesign.


Courtney said...

Can you believe I've even managed to kill a container of succulents! They are fool-proof, yet every last one of them is on its last leg. Sigh.

I really wish I had a green thumb.

please sir said...

Same here Courtney...I think it's because I left them out in the cold...errr opps!

Julia said...

My jade plant certainly has proven it's worth in that I haven't been able to kill it yet :) Hurray!

jae said...

I finally bought my first succulents this weekend....been meaning to do it for awhile. We have two plants in our house that we have had for years....thanks to my husband caring for them. After reading your comments, I think I'll relinquish the care of these to him also.