Monday, November 17, 2008

Gift of Gab

Lottery tickets aren't really thought of as gifts, but there is an excitement to them and a "what if" factor. Mix them up by doing some quick picks or numbers that are significant along with some scratch offs. Throw them in an interesting bowl or container and they are still left with something if there isn't a winner in the bunch. (If there is a winner, you might want to clarify the halfsies concept.) Today's quote made me think of our economy. Just put the quote on the gift tag and add....."I'm not counting on making my money in the stock market's the lottery for me."

Scratch off tickets also make great party favors. You could have everyone grab one out of a bowl as they are leaving or you could have one at each place setting for a fun activity and conversation starter. Don't forget to have pennies handy.


The Lil Bee said...

I love this! I get tickets every year from my mom in my Christmas stocking and love scratching them off. Great idea, given the scary times.

please sir said...

Yeah I've heard of friends getting lotto tickets from their grandparents on their bday - sounds fun to me!