Monday, November 10, 2008

Gift of Gab

I saw this when I was in Starbucks this weekend and it struck me as a nice gift when you need a little something. Instead of just getting a gift card, you can now buy a Gold membership that will keep giving for the whole year.....long after the gift card would have run out. Join Starbucks Gold for an annual membership fee of $25 and receive 10 percent off most purchases at Starbucks – from espresso beverages to espresso machines. In addition, when you register your Starbucks Gold Card, you are eligible to receive other exclusive benefits. I know there are lots of other addicts fanatics out there.

1 comment:

The Lil Bee said...

Jae, this has my name written ALL over it. I know the spirit of your blog is giving, but I might have to GIVE myself this little treat. My 'bucks addiction is out of control! And little savings will help:)