Thursday, October 23, 2008

you, too, can be immortalized

While we are on the subject of baby gifts, I wanted to introduce you to a gift that has staying power. When they are a baby, it looks like personalized art on the shelf. When they are old enough to play with them, they are one of the cutest well designed toys in the house. When they are past playing with them, it goes back on the shelf or even graduates to the mantle. I love the concept behind this gift. It takes an old favorite and vastly improves on it by adding some timelessness, personalized design, and environmental friendliness. A custom tailored family by goosegrease is such a welcome departure from plastic toys.

put on the gift tag......."Everyone knows having a baby immortalizes you."


Krissy said...


Uncle Beefy said...

Are you kidding me with this cuteness?!! Too fantastic!

please sir said...

These are so neat - what an amazing gift idea!

simply seleta said...

This is so great, I bought a set last spring, but lost my source. So now I read about this AND they're customized!

Thank you for sharing!