Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What's eating you?

Continuing on the same theme, let's think about gifts of food instead of gifts of nature. Every region has food it is know for. If you are in Washington state.....think apples. If you are in Michigan.....think cherries. If you are in Iowa.....think corn. If you are in Wisconsin.....think cheese. If you are in Oregon.....think marion berries. Anyway, this isn't really a new thought. People in Florida have been sending citrus for years. However, instead of just sending off a carton of apples or ears of corn, let that be where your inspiration starts. Take it to another level. How about your favorite apple pie? How about homemade marion berry jam? A big part of this kind of gift is the time you take preparing it. Again, a simple note of "wishing you were here" says a lot. This time, though, add the recipe and even a little write up on the history of the food in your state. Just be sure to send it overnight if it is something that needs to stay fresh.

photography by Matt Armendariz


The Lil Bee said...

Once again, I love how your ideas take gifting to the next level. And OMG you are so right about the sharing-of-the-brain thing!! Unreal, seriously.

please sir said...

Yum...another wonderful idea...I want that jam!