Thursday, October 2, 2008

birthday magic

I wanted to share a little birthday gift idea with you that we have been putting together with great success. As you get older, the sparkle goes out of birthdays for many people. No longer are there cupcakes and crowns and well....sparkle. Pick as many of the following items as you like (determined by your budget) and fill a box. Write on the tag.....just wanted to make sure your birthday was filled with the sparkle and magic of childhood.

for the really young at heart add on of these

don't forget to tie on of these to the top of the package

you could even add that cupcake


Courtney said...

I'm telling you - these sparklers were a huge hit at my party! A must-have for everyone. And those party balls are pretty fun too!

please sir said...

Love all your bday ideas - still love those sparklers too!

The Lil Bee said...

I adore that second image! And the sparklers are your official oldie-but-goodie. So sweet:)