Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Make a wish

I have posted about these wishbones before.....here. However, I wanted to show you a simple idea that turns into a thoughtful favor. Recently a regular client of mine contacted me to help her come up with something little she could give to family at her baby daughter's baptism lunch. She just wanted to mark the day and really thank her family for coming.....they came from out of the country. I put together a wishbone in a simple beautiful package and then tied this note on top...."Our wish for (insert name) is that she grows up knowing how fortunate she is to have you in her loving family. Thanks for sharing this special day with us."

I've said it before....here....the wishbones can be applied to all kinds of occasions when you want to express a simple sentiment.

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Relyn said...

You have the most wonderful ideas. Each post I read tickles my fancy, makes me grin, and gives me inspiration. Thank you.

Oh, the fun isn't almost over. The work gets harder in higher grades, but if she has the right teacher, your daughter won't stop having fun.