Friday, August 1, 2008

Where in the world?

This past spring, we were asked to come up with a gift idea for a class of graduating seniors. A blue leather traveler's atlas was chosen. (Blue because that was the school's color) Each senior's name was embossed on the cover along with the school's logo. To give the gift additional meaning, I made a gift tag with a world map on it and wrote, "Wherever the world takes you, we're glad you started here. Congratulations!" What good does this do you months later....well, I really think this idea could be fine tuned to other scenarios. How about for someone heading off for about for a friend moving out of the about for someone taking on a new career?


Courtney said...

how about a girl heading off to singapore in 5 months for the next 3 years? :)

please sir said...

I love this idea...would be perfect for any traveler at heart! Who's going to Singapore? Are you?!

jae said...

I think it's perfect for the traveler at heart or a girl going to Singapore. I have been there, but it's not's Courtney!