Friday, August 22, 2008

Pez...cherry doubt about it

A friend is having a birthday and you want to make sure the day doesn't go by unrecognized. What do you do? Why not fill a container with nostalgic candy? Remember these?
Pick out your childhood favorites here and fill a container. I always think it is important to give something that lasts. When the candy is gone, they will have the container to make the lasting impression. You could fill it with all different kinds or just one if you know they had a clear favorite. If I was doing this for either of my brothers, it would be filled with pez containers and pez doubt about it. Unclear what to put them in? Have a look here if you need some help.


please sir said...

I love this idea - there is a store in a nearby town that does something similar. Such a great gift! Also, just put a discussion up asking where you live and what you like about it - would love your input!

Emily said...

these candies bring back SUCH great memories (and lots of tummy aches)...thanks for the fabulous idea!