Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hurricanes Smurricanes

Yes, it is hard to believe, but here we are again....in hurricane season. As I write this, we have one tropical storm moving away from the eastern coast and another one in the Gulf of Mexico that is threatening to turn into a hurricane headed for Texas somewhere. (our prayers are with you Texas) I can tell you from experience......way too much experience......that the few days warning you have before a hurricane actually lands can be completely hectic and maddening. Lines, lines, lines.....everyone is getting their supplies AND in a hurry AND frustrated AND a little worried. That doesn't make for very nice people. The storms this week got me thinking about new homeowners who haven't had the pleasure of planning for a hurricane and you know me....that was when gift inspiration struck. Yes, I do think that putting together a hurricane preparedness kit would make a very thoughtful gift for a new homeowner in hurricane territory. Get together batteries, flashlights, a weather radio, candles, and a camp light. These are just the bare basics, I know, but these are the first items to sell out and they will be thanking you for preparing them. Put them in an amazing tote for presentation. (I posted about one yesterday that is a true staple for us) You have to make those boring things beautiful. Tie on a tag that says something like, "The gift we hope you never use."

Don't live in hurricane territory....well, there is unfortunately unpredictable weather everywhere these days. Just alter your kit to include what is relevant to your area. You could even turn it into a handyman kit and include things like tools, a tape measure, and a carpenter's pencil.

Be safe Texas.


Courtney said...

I honestly think you're one of the sweetest people ever! Thanks for your prayers and lovely words.

And my beautiful sparklers will make my weekend shine bright! I will certainly take pictures.

please sir said...

OH goodness keep safe!

Krissy said...

oh goodness! I listened to the radio this morning as I was getting ready for work and they mentioned it, but to see the radar!!!

What a nice gift that would be.