Monday, October 5, 2009

blow your own horn.

I'm always a fan of traditional items made with new materials. I would like to make tons and tons of these party blowers. After all, this sort of thing always has more impact if you go over the top in abundance. Consider making them in just black and white prints for Halloween.

instructions here via design crush


ticklishfromadistance said...

I am with you. Love them!

Debra said...

Now this looks like fun! And for New Year's too! You are a wealth of great, fun ideas. Have a wonderful day.

Prudence said...

I love them too! I agree, using a classic and taking it that step further... I once used one of the old type as a party invitation for my five year old... You had to blow it and all the details were written on a white piece of paper I'd glued to the blower... It was cute... Some "not too creative" mum's didn't get it though... I didn't care as it was still super cute (even though I say so myself). Px