Wednesday, June 17, 2009

butterflies galore

By now, you must have seen this very creative bouquet. If not...check out this wedding. One of Lily's best friends is moving away next week. We will miss the whole family terribly. Lily and her friend have gone to school together since preK and we even live in the same neighborhood. This bouquet gave me an idea to fill a box with silk butterflies for her and have Lily write on the butterflies, things change, but we'll always be friends.

photo via Martha Stewart
p.s. okay, i think i'm channeling butterflies....i just took a quick break to tuck lily in for the night and she had on her butterfly nightgown that she hasn't worn in a long time. but then she says to me, it's butterflies galore tonight....i'm thinking yes, yes it is. (i hadn't told her anything about the idea yet and she hadn't seen what i was writing) does that sort of thing happen to does to me...all the time.


Joyce said...

I haven't seen this bouquet. It is really neat! I love how you and your daughter had butterflies on the mind. As you know butterflies are close to my heart (since my dad passed away last Sept). I keep hoping a butterfly will show up in the gardent this Sunday.

BTW I like your idea for the gift.

Thanks for sharing! xoxo

ticklishfromadistance said...

I haven't seen this. So sweet. And that is a great idea. I am going to A Butterfly's from India exhibit at the museum today. Weird.

Maya said...

You have been mentioned on my blog!

jae said...

Joyce - I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if there is a butterfly in your garden then.....and I bet he brings friends to show it off.

g. - I want to hear about the exhibit! not weird...not even that shocking to me. once i start thinking about pops up everywhere.

maya - thank you. love the matches, too! and love the sea...i'll be back for sure. you know the tides act like a magnet so maybe that is why so many of us feel such a pull to the ocean:)