Friday, May 22, 2009

happy birthday lily!

There are so many things that I love about you, but in honor of your 8th birthday, here's 8 of them.
1. You always call me your teammate.
2. You still reach for my hand.
3. When I call you and tell you I'm on the way home, you say, "Yay!"
4. You make me laugh every day with your dry witty sense of humor.
5. You genuinely like when other people are happy.
6. You adore your brother and most of the time, act like a proud parent.
7. You came up with our goodnight handshake and kiss routine.
8. You are as sweet as the candy you would live on if we would only let you.

Happy Birthday Lil!


g. said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet. Made the hair on my arms stand up sweet. Happy Birthday to both of you!!! xox g.

Debra said...

Just precious! What a beauty.
Happy Birthday Lil.

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Lily! May all your dreams and wishes come true. I know your momma's did the day you were born. xoxo

PS don't forget to eat lots of cake too!

Joyce said...

LOL... Jae I was leaving a comment as you were leaving one. LOL...

Your sweet post melted my heart. You two girls enjoy your golden day!! xoxo

heidi said...

what a sweet & delicious post! Happy Birthday Lil!
p.s... your comment on my blog made me snort my instant coffee :-)

deena said...

happy birthday lil! wish we could be there to help you celebrate. eat a piece of cake for me too! :)

Chloe said...

This is such a special age. Bottle it up! Happy Birthday Lil!!!! You have a very special gift and I think that came from your Mom! Happy Great Mom Day to you Jae!

pve design said...

I love her freckles....she is a sweetie!
Tell Lil, 8 is great!

simply seleta said...

precious, beautiful and sweet.

Relyn said...

Happy, happy birthday to your sweet Lily.