Friday, April 17, 2009

it's 8pm somewhere

I want to send these soaps to friends in different time zones. The fact that they are made by a Brazilian company called est just makes it easier for me to purpose. I would include an invitation to share a glass of wine and a phone call at say 8pm est. Who says favors can't arrive in the mail?
Not only are they beautifully packaged, but they are made with all natural vegetable oils. They contain no alcohol or animal products and are manufactured with the environment in mind, using only biodegradable materials.. Here is the only place you can get them in the US. Packaged well and preserves the environment is perfect to me.....or make that fabulous*.
*Fabulous here to see.


pve design said...

Always time for some good "clean" fun with a bar of soap or a glass of wine! I love the package and the name.

g. said...

Love them. I would have to give them away as if I kept them, I would never want to open them to use!

Evy said...

Those look very original!

Laura. said...

these are gorgeous, i love the idea of sending them to people in different time zones. thanks for the blogging advice, too!

jae said...

pve - we once did soap as favors for the adults at a kid party and put, "we hope you had some good clean fun." just reminded me of that.

g. - i bet once you did, you would love the soap so much, you would get over that quickly.

evy - definitely and only available the one place in the US.

Laura - i couldn't resist that est. you're welcome...if i remembered where i first learned how to do that, i would have credited them.

bluehydrangea said...

I love to give party favors. It is usually donuts and B.C. powders. My guest would be thrilled to get this soap!

laura drescher said...

LOVE the packaging~