Thursday, March 12, 2009

The $2 Gift

Up until now, Dr. Seuss sums up how I feel on the subject of the economy..."I wouldn't touch you with a 39 and a half foot pole". Recently though, I've noticed a new wave of feel good stories and I hope that means the media is getting the message about the negativity they so easily spread. I am getting to a point here. Did you see this story? This man has a true gift of giving and it is people like this that should be all over the news. I just love what he did and that his comment was, "It's not a huge amount of money." Yes it all those local businesses....yes it is. The whole thing also makes me think of this, "I want my $2"....which makes me smile even more.

That's it....I'm more economy talk here. Since we all can't give like that, I just wanted to share the fact that one man who could...did.


please sir said...

Such a lovely idea - wow!

Relyn said...

You have me smiling and smiling and blinking back happy tears. Nothing makes me happier than to hear about normal people with a fresh idea and the courage to act who make a big difference. It makes me think of the Frank Capra film Mr. Deeds Goes to Town. Well, all the Frank Capra films, actually. Thank you. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Also, your blog redesign looks marvelous.

Krissy said...

just plain brilliant!

jae said...

The fact that he thought to do it with $2 bills so everyone could see the impact is extra brilliant.

Relyn - I've been slowing working on the redesign. Have a bit more to do...but thank you!

pve design said...

oh what an inspiration!