Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friday's Fabulous* Favors....balancing sweet & snarky

Here are a couple of ideas for Valentine's favors using the artwork Sea created as hang tags. The ones with the bookmarks, I put together for Lily to give her friends and classmates. The bookmarks were made by printing some artwork on card stock paper and then laminating them. The other is an alternative idea that would be a hit with any age this weekend.

For those who want to have Valentine's with a bit of snarky thrown in, this made me laugh!

Find it here.

*For the reason they aren't just Friday Favors, but Fabulous Favors click here.


Michael Leung said...

That 's seem to be every one is talking about Valentine day.
I can't remember how many blog posts I read about that today.
Anyway, Have a sweet Valentine day!
And those are very nice artwork!

simply seleta said...

Jae, you're amazing. You jumped right in! Love this post!!!