Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Big Race

This is going to be a long one....sorry...grab your's all in the details.

A week ago my 7 year old daughter, Lily, tells me she and a friend are planning The Big Race. I say...that's nice, honey. The next day, she says The Big Race is Saturday. I say...okay, honey. The week goes on much the same with her saying each day that The Big Race is coming. Each day, she is also going outside to ride her bike around our block because she is....her Each day, I think that's cute with no idea what she is talking about. On Thursday, I think I should probably call the other mom to see how serious this is since she certainly seems focused and is continually "training". Saturday morning 10am is all set up now for The Big Race. When we are at Whole Foods on Friday, Lily runs off and brings back several apples, crackers, and peanut butter because she tells me she needs to have snacks for everyone when The Big Race is over. "Do we have enough water", she asks. Friday night after she "trains" again, she tells me she needs prizes and says she wants to use the lollipops.

So far, I have done absolutely nothing to help Lily plan The Big Race. In all honesty, I didn't even take her seriously until the end of the week. We sit down together to figure out what she needs me to do. Tie a note on each lollipop she says. We decide to put "you licked the competition" on the winning lollipop and "thanks for coming to The Big Race" on the other lollipops. In the meantime, she is bringing downstairs a little table she has in her room for the pit stop area to hold water, a chair, poster paper for signs, and markers. Oh, and don't forget all the while she is still training. Friday night, Lily is off to bed before I can even tell her. "I have to be rested for tomorrow," she says. Saturday morning arrives and she wants a lettuce and tomato sandwich on whole wheat bread for breakfast so that she has eaten something healthy. Her friends arrive and they start right in making signs to post along the route they have determined to be the track. Her fellow planning friend walked in carrying three boxes. One for first place that had a handmade trophy inside (adorable!), swedish fish, and pieces of fabric torn up to use as "sweat rags". One for second, that had swedish fish and the "sweat rags" and one for third that had starburst and the "sweat rags". The lollipops are added to the boxes. They make a checkered flag and tie it to a stick for Drew, her big brother, to use to start the race. They ask me to quickly make each of them a sign for their backs to identify the racers. The pit stop area is set up. A line is drawn on the street for the starting line. Wow....I think we are finally ready for The Big Race. Afterwards, there is snack as planned and even an awards ceremony.

Lily is beaming all day. She has planned and executed her first event. It occurs to me that she has already been in training. Training for making the details count. Training for thinking a step ahead. Training for making sure everyone leaves with a "prize". I can't wait to see what the second annual "The Big Race" brings.

P.S. The all natural lollipops have so much potential. I love that she recognizes that. Lollipops available here.

{photo on left via rebecca thus, photo on right via amy atlas}


Krissy said...

that is so sweet!!

Courtney said...

momma, you've done well. very well!

The Lil Bee said...

How completely adorable! And I love that lollipop image. Thank you so much for your support, btw. Mean's the world to me...seriously:)

karey m. said...

she's a future amy atlas! {not sure if a.a. organizes races, though!}

this was a great story...